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Join the Section!

Join the Section!
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Paying by Check? Are you a Law Student or a Law Professor
and are interested in joining the Appellate Practice Section?
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The greatest benefit of being a member of the section is getting to know your fellow members from around the state. It's easy. Show up at one of our meetings and you will be welcomed instantly into a fraternity of fellow professionals who can help your practice every day. Raise your hand and you'll be called upon for any number of interesting projects that will raise your profile and make you a better appellate lawyer. Show up and raise your hand consistently and before you know it, you'll be in the leadership of the section. It's that simple. But why do it? Why get involved? First and foremost, it's the people you will meet and the networking opportunities that you will create.

Once you become involved, there is plenty to do. Join the publications subcommittee and soon you'll be writing an article for The Record or for the Florida Bar Journal. Perhaps you will get the chance to edit the work of other appellate lawyers. Join the CLE Committee and soon you will be helping to organize an appellate seminar. Perhaps you will even get the opportunity to speak at one of our seminars. Join the Programs Committee and you can help stage one of our signature events such as our Dessert Reception at the June Annual Meeting and then disco or salsa the night away.

There is no shortage of interesting and rewarding projects. To get involved, just email JoAnn Shearer, our Program Administrator at jshearer@flabar.org and she will set you up right away. Alternatively, show up at one of our upcoming meetings. Attend either of these gatherings of the Bar, wander into the Section meeting room, join a table, raise your hand, and you're in.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Join the Section!
Click HERE to sign up using our new online form!