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Courses in Florida

Hidden Essentials of Appellate Practice

Fourth District Court of Appeal
February 1, 2019

Join the Section for this all-day CLE to learn about the essentials of appellate practice that go beyond the rules of procedure. Learn about appellate jurisdiction, the use and effect of key appellate doctrines, differences between state and federal appeals, technology and modern appellate ethics. There will also be a judicial panel and Chief Judge Jonathan Gerber will give an address on the state of the Fourth District Court of Appeal. In addition, there will be a breakfast with the judges before the seminar begins. This course is a must-attend event for any appellate practitioner — especially those who are sitting for the 2019 appellate board certification examination.

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Board Certification Bootcamp Webinar

February 7, 2019 from 9am-1pm

This half-day webinar will cover a range of updates that may appear on the appellate board certification exam, including but not limited to criminal appeals, federal appeals and new appellate rule changes. If you are taking the board certification examination in 2019, this is a must-attend CLE.

For those taking the examination, the Section suggests purchasing the 2018 certification review course in conjunction with this webinar. Click here to purchase the 2018 Review course.

Click here to register for the Board Certification Bootcamp Webinar.

Do you need CLE Credit?

Are you thinking about applying for the Advance Appellate Practice Certification? Or maybe you are up for renewal soon? Or maybe you're just an appellate geek with an insatiable appetite for appellate tips, tricks, and insight?

If any of this applies to you, then we highly recommend you purchasing and watching the Appellate Section's most recent CLEs, which can be obtained online here.

Here's a glimpse of what you will find:

Appellate Practice Board Certification Boot Camp
- 2.5 Appellate Practice
- 2.5 General
The most important appellate rule changes and other appellate trends happening in the last year distilled down into 2.5 hours by two of our section's best and most experienced practitioners.

The Hidden Essentials of Appellate Law
- 8 Appellate Practice
- 8 General
- 1 Ethics
Forget what you think you know about appellate practice! This CLE arms you with the secret unwritten rules of succeeding on appeal. It covers everything from preserving the record to the use and effect of key appellate doctrines, views from the bench, and more. This is a must watch CLE for anyone thinking about handling an appeal on their own.

2016 Practicing Before the Supreme Court
- 9 Appellate Practice
- 9 Criminal
- 9 Criminal Appellate
- 4.5 State & Federal Government & Administrative Practice
- 9 General
- 1 Ethics
If you can successfully practice before the Florida Supreme Court, then you can successfully practice before any Florida court. This seminar gives you the tools for successfully navigating your client's case through Florida's High Court. The CLE is particularly unique because it begins with a live oral argument and is followed by a discussion with the justices and the attorneys who argued the case.

Finally, check back here regularly for more great on-demand CLEs, including the Section's most recent and soon to be available Hot Topics in Appellate Law: Appellate Forces in the New Millennium, which is a fun, Star-Wars-themed CLE that is good for 8.5 hours of Appellate Practice Certification, 2.5 hours of Ethics, 2.0 hours of State & Federal Gov't & Administrative Practice Certification, 1.0 hours of Civil Trial Certification, and 1.0 hours of Technology.