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2018-2019 CLE Schedule   |   2017-2018 Webcast on Demand

Last year, the Section moved into the technological age and revamped the monthly CLEs. It moved from a telephonic to a Webcast format. This change was a huge success. It allowed the speakers to use a PowerPoint or other handouts to aid their presentations and to poll the audience. The program also allowed the listeners to pose real-time questions in a chat function. Our attendance numbers were larger than ever!

The Section will continue the Webcast format for the 2018-2019 season. However, there will be a few additional changes. For instance, last year there were several presentations that were not recorded. Listeners had to tune in live to receive CLE credit. This year, however, every presentation will be recorded to some extent. Speakers will have the option of having their presentation available for after-market sales or for a period of 90 days only for those who preregister. In any event, if you have an oral argument or hearing during the presentation, don't fret! You now have the ability to hear all the presentations at a later time when you preregister.

The pricing will remain the same. The CLEs are available for advance individual purchase at $30 for section members and $45 for nonsection members. Section members can also purchase them in a bundle prior to July 17th, 2018 at a discounted rate of $240

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cheri Wright of The Florida Bar at cwright@floridabar.org. For any questions or suggestions about the content of the upcoming seminars or serving as a presenter, please contact Kansas Gooden at KGooden@boydjen.com.

The 2018-2019 Monthly Webcast CLE Seminar Schedule

May 21, 2019

Professionalism and Ethics on AppealSelect this CLE
Honorable Chief Judge Kevin Emas, Third District, Miami
Honorable Chief Judge Jonathan Gerber, Fourth District, West Palm Beach
Honorable Judge James Edwards, Fifth District, Daytona Beach

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, the Appellate Practice Section will be presenting a Webcast CLE featuring judges from several Florida District Courts of Appeal. The format will be a moderated question and answer session with the judges, but all quest.

The 2018-19 Webcast Season is available On-Demand

The CLE Committee would like to give a big thanks to all the speakers and everyone who attended the Appellate Practice Section's 2018-19 Webcast CLE season. If you missed any programs, many of the webcasts are still available for purchase at The Florida Bar's website, here.

Here's what is available from this past season:

En Banc Proceedings in Florida's District Courts of Appeal
Speaker: Douglas A. Wallace, Tampa
1.0 General, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

Getting an Amicus on Board for Your Appeal
Speaker: Douglas A. Wallace, Tampa
1.0 General, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

The State of Appellate Mediation in Florida's State and Federal Courts
Speakers: Beth Greenfield-Mandler, Miami
Nicholas A. Shannin, Orlando
1.0 General, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

Legislative and CRC Proposal Update
Speaker: Courtney Brewer, Tallahassee
1.0 General, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

Appellate Practitioners in the Trial Court
Speakers: Wendy Lumish, Miami
Alina Alonso Rodriguez, Miami
1.0 General, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

Professionalism and Ethics on Appeal
Panel: Honorable James Edwards, Daytona Beach
Honorable Kevin Emas, Miami
Honorable Jonathan Gerber, West Palm Beach
1.0 General, 1.0 Ethics, 1.0 Appellate Practice, 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

We hope that you will consider purchasing these one-hour webcasts or one of the Section's other longer CLEs that are available on the Florida Bar's website