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APS Logo Design Contest

Calling all appellate attorneys! The Appellate Practice Section is in need of a logo, and we would love your help! Limited artistic ability and no graphic design experience necessary!

At the moment, the Section uses The Florida Bar seal on all of our correspondence. How boring.

The Section needs its own logo to define who we are and what we represent as appellate attorneys in the great state of Florida. The new logo will be used for the foreseeable future on all electronic media, print, and giveaway items at events. The Florida Bar has graphic designers that will help us hone the final product, but it is our members who really understand what our section is about and know what should go into our brand.

We need sketches to give the designers what they need to finalize a logo for our section. For inspiration, several of the other sections have some creative logos you can find by clicking through to their websites from HERE. The Animal Law Section, Business Law Section, International Law, and Health Law Section in particular have some unique examples. Note — while your logo can be a standard round seal, it doesn't have to be!

How would you like to see your idea end up at the forefront of our Section for years to come? All we need is a sketch, why not take a shot?

Logo Requirements

  1. Should reflect the membership and ideals of our Section;
  2. Should strive for timelessness, avoiding incorporation of references that may go stale in a few years;
  3. Should adapt well to both electronic and print media;
  4. Should scale well for printing on small objects (such as giveaway materials);
  5. Should fit or be easily cropped into a square for use as a profile picture on Facebook/Twitter and other social media;
  6. May use a limited number of solid or shaded colors, but should also look good if printed in grayscale or black-and-white;
  7. May incorporate text (but don't get carried away with the Latin!);
  8. Should not incorporate any copyrighted material or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.

How to Enter

  • Create a logo. You can submit anything from a hand-drawn "napkin" sketch to a fully-developed vector-based file.
  • Submit the logo. All submissions will be by email to Jared Krukar, Outreach Committee Chair, at jared@ip-appeals.com, with the subject line "APS LOGO DESIGN CONTEST SUBMISSION." The body of the email should include the entrant's full name, firm or organization, mailing address, phone number, and email address. All submissions must be submitted as a digital attachment to the email. Non-digitally-created designs should be scanned or photographed (you can just snap a photo with your cellphone) and attached as a digital file.
  • One individual may submit up to two entries, and may attach multiple entries to a single email.
  • You agree that the act of sending the email submission constitutes your signature assigning all right, title, and interest to the submission to The Florida Bar and granting the Bar a license to use your name and likeness in connection with this contest. (We're all lawyers. You didn't think we'd forget the legalese, did you?)
  • All entries must be received by Friday, October 20, 2017.

What happens after submission

  • The active membership of the Outreach Committee will vote for the winner. Any Outreach Committee member may submit a design, but is prohibited from voting for their own design to win. A tie will be settled by the Section Chair.
  • The winning design will be rendered into a working logo with the assistance of The Florida Bar.
  • The draft logo will be submitted to the Executive Council for approval.
  • Upon approval of the logo, an email will be sent to the entire section announcing the winner and displaying the finalized new logo.
  • Prizes: The winner will receive:
    • Bragging rights,
    • A certificate of appreciation, and
    • The first giveaway item emblazoned with the new logo they inspired.

We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Good luck!