When Your Client Needs More Than Their Word: Appellate Bonds From the Agency and Practitioner Perspective

Originally aired on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 from 12:10 pm to 1:10 pm EDT

Your client wants to appeal the money judgment against them … now what? In this informative CLE, you’ll hear the details on how to post a bond to prevent proceedings to execute on the judgment. Appeal Bond Specialist Dan Huckabay from Court Surety Bond Agency will provide insight from the surety’s perspective. Board Certified Appellate Specialist Julissa Rodriguez will provide a practitioner’s perspective to calculating and securing a bond, including pitfalls to avoid.

Dan Huckabay, Court Surety Bond Agency,  Orange, CA
Julissa Rodriguez, Shutts & Bowen, Miami

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Post-Seminar Q&A

CLE Credits:

  • CLER Program:
    • 1.0 General 
  • Certification Program:
    • 1.0 Appellate Practice
    • 1.0 Criminal Appellate Law

Course Level: Intermediate

Course No: 4137

*The accreditation period for this course expires on 03/31/22. CLE credit cannot be obtained for this course following the expiration date.