The Hidden Essentials of Appellate Law 2021 (4298)

Available Until June 5, 2022

Do you ever read someone’s brief or listen to their oral argument and wonder: “How did they make this argument so clear?” This CLE, presented by Board Certified Appellate Practitioners, leaders form the Appellate Practice Section, and leaders from the Appellate Court Rules Committee highlights many key, but lesser-known and underutilized, aspects of appellate practice. It explores recent rule changes (there are many) and uncovers unwritten rules that will make you shine. The program also includes presentations on the core concepts of preserving the record and appellate jurisdiction, the mainstays of appellate practice. Our Appellate Specialists go beyond the “nuts and bolts” to provide practice pointers and help practitioners identify and resolve issues. This year’s program features three new topics that will benefit every appellate practitioner: reply briefs, the role of stare decisis, and principles of textualism.
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