Getting the Right Relief at the Trial Court

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 12:10 pm – 01:10 pm (Original Presentation Date)

It only takes a few appeals to learn that some appeals are over before they even begin, depending on what happened at the trial court. Board Certified Appellate Specialists Courtney Fernald and Courtney Brewer will cover the steps you should take to ensure your client gets all the right relief. Come hear about differences in the rehearing/reconsideration process at the trial court versus the appellate court and what you need to do to get your appeal right before you even file a notice of appeal. The presenters will also discuss what you can do once you are on appeal to set yourself up for success when the case returns to the trial court.

Courtney L. Fernald, Englander Fischer, St. Petersburg

Courtney Brewer, Bishop & Mills, Tallahassee