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Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Legislative

The CLE Committee is responsible for organizing and presenting continuing legal education programs of interest to the appellate practitioner.

Members of this committee are involved in creating and executing the CLE programs of the Section, including its monthly webinars and in-person CLE events.

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The Legislative committee monitors issues and public debates that arise in Florida's legislative and executive branches, public forums, the media, and within The Florida Bar pertaining to the appellate judiciary, the judiciary in general, and appellate practice.

Members of this committee are involved in keeping an eye out for legislative issues affecting the judiciary and appellate practice, exploring ways to inform section members and the public about those issues, and advising the Section when Section advocacy may be appropriate.

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Outreach Pro Bono

The Outreach Committee seeks to increase awareness of the Section and of appellate practice as a specialty area of law by establishing good working relationships and partnerships with other Florida Bar sections and committees, as well as other lawyer-related organizations in Florida.

Members of this committee act as liaisons to other sections and committees and organizations. Members may also be asked to attend outreach functions in their local area.

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The Pro Bono Committee is responsible for coordinating the Section's efforts to provide pro bono legal services to those in need. Specific appellate pro bono opportunities include referrals from the Florida Supreme Court, the Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program, and legal aid organizations.

Members of this committee are added to the email listserv that distributes appellate pro bono opportunities for Section members to take on. Members also may be involved in exploring and implementing pro bono initiatives for the Section.

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Programs Publications

The Programs Committee is charged with planning, raising sponsorships, and execution of the Section's Annual Dessert Reception held in June of each year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of The Florida Bar.

Members of this committee will help plan, raise sponsorships for, and oversee the dessert reception and the 25th Anniversary celebration, both held in June 2018.

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The Publications Committee is responsible for the Section's submissions for The Florida Bar Journal and for the creation, form, and content of the Section's newsletter, The Record.

Members of this committee are placed on the email list to solicit articles and content for the publications listed. Members may also be asked to brainstorm article ideas, attend and document Section events in order to write articles about them, or to edit other submissions. This committee also coordinates with the Communications Committee to ensure publications reach the broadest possible audience.

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Self Represented Litigant Communications

The Self Represented Litigant Committee is responsible for updating and distributing The Pro Se Appellate Handbook: Representing Yourself on Appeal.

Members of this committee are tasked with working on updates to the handbook or assisting with publication and distribution of the handbook to Florida's prison libraries, as well as online and other places where the public may access it and put it to greatest use.

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The Communications Committee is responsible for distributing information on the Section and appellate practice through the Section's social media platforms, emails to members, and the Section's website.

Members of this committee are involved in creating social media and website content, disseminating that content, and working to keep the website up-to-date and relevant. Members may also be asked to attend events and take pictures and create content for use in social media posts.

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Ad hoc: Section History  

The Section is in the process of trying to ensure its history as a section is properly documented. Members of this committee will work to gather section history for past years and oversee its publication on the Section website.

Valeria Hendricks — Chair

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