The Record

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The Record is the Journal of the Appellate Practice Section. Articles are published regularly online and address substantive appellate topics and other issues of interest to appellate practitioners. Section members will receive an email from the Section each time a new article is published. 

We welcome article submissions from appellate writers! Please send any inquiries to the Editor of The Record, Courtney Fernald, at

The Pro Se Handbook

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The “Pro Se” or “Self-Represented Litigant” Handbook is a very basic guide to assist someone unable to hire an attorney to advance or defend an appellate matter. It is not a substitute for reading and understanding all of the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, which apply to all types of appeals and extraordinary writs. The Handbook is not a comprehensive appellate guide, and it does not answer all questions or guarantee success. It is also not intended to advise individuals in the unlicensed practice of law. It should not be cited to as authority. This Handbook is not to be used to provide legal advice to other people, nor would attorneys who are not experienced in appellate practice do well in relying on this Handbook.  It is always a work in progress and is not all-inclusive.

The Florida Bar Journal

The Florida Bar Journal is the premier source of practical articles on Florida law. For a compilation of articles pertaining to appellate practice, Click HERE.

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