Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for the Section’s submissions for The Florida Bar Journal and for the creation, form, and content of the Section’s newsletter, The Record, and Section’s Pro Se Handbook. Members of this Committee are placed on the email list to solicit articles and content for the publications, as applicable, as well as working on updates and assisting with publication and distribution of publications, including the Pro Se Handbook distribution to prison libraries. Members may be asked to brainstorm article ideas, attend and document Section events in order to write articles about them, or to edit other submissions. This Committee also coordinates with the Section’s Communications Committee to ensure publications reach the broadest possible audience

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Tom Seider
Heather KolinskyEditor of the Journal
Heather Kolinsky
Courtney FernaldEditor of The Record
Courtney Fernald
Chance LymanEditor of the Pro Se Handbook
Chance Lyman